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Car Accident Lawsuit

Car Accident Lawsuit

Car accidents can be distressing – especially when it’s not your fault. Not only are you injured and your vehicle damaged, but you may be out of work for days, weeks, or even months at a time. Lost time from work can make it difficult to pay for your accident-related damages and living expenses.

Victims of car accidents resulting in injury should seek medical attention by a qualified physician and should consult with an attorney to discuss what rights are available.

Types of Damages Available to You

Several types of damages are available to automobile accident victims. Some of these damages include:

• Pain and suffering
• Medical Bills
• Lost wages
• Emotional and Psychological Trauma
• Costs for Future Medical Care

Steps to Take after an Auto Accident

The hours and days after your auto accident are vital to the strength of your claim. After your auto accident, it’s important that you:

Seek Medical Treatment.
You should see a doctor regardless of the extent of your injuries. Some injuries may be internal and take time to show symptoms. Your medical report can also be valuable evidence for your claim.

Don’t Sign Anything.
An insurance adjuster may call you after the accident and offer you a settlement. Don’t accept it. These settlements are often “lowball” offers that aren’t enough to pay for your expenses. Don’t talk to the adjuster—talk to the CQH Firm instead.

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