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Claudine Q. Homolash of the CQH Firm Joins Messa & Associates Of Counsel

CQH Firm owner Claudine Q. Homolash, Esquire also joins Messa & Associates Of Counsel to expand Qui Tam / Whistleblower and Pharmaceutical Mass Tort practice.

Claudine Q. Homolash, Esquire of the CQH Firm has joined forces with Messa & Associates to concentrate in her areas of focus, Qui Tam / Whistleblower and Pharmaceutical Mass Tort litigation. Ms. Homolash concentrates her practice representing whistleblowers on behalf of the federal government in the healthcare and pharmaceutical area.  Ms. Homolash is excited to work with an experienced team of trial lawyers and expand her team to combat fraud on the government.

Ms. Homolash has a passion for prosecuting pharmaceutical and healthcare entities for fraud stemming from false and misleading information given to the patients and for illegal payments to doctors and other entities solely to increase profits. “People over profits is not an acceptable means of conducting business, especially when lives are at stake.”

You may contact Claudine Homolash, Esquire at 215- 496-1012 or 1-844-MSPHARMA for a free legal consultation. She may also be reached at

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