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PA Supreme Ct and Product Liability

Making it yet again more difficult for consumers to bring a product injury case, the PA Supreme Court ruled that courts must consider a product’s multiple uses when determining product risk, thereby giving manufacturers an “out” if the injury was caused by one of the uses.

Confused yet? Here’s an article with the details from The Legal Intelligencer where I was quoted commenting on the ruling:

Plaintiffs Bar Slams Justices’ Products Liability Ruling

The April 17, 2012 article by Zack Needles begins:

In the wake of the state Supreme Court’s ruling that courts must consider a product’s multiple uses when assessing that product’s risk, some plaintiffs attorneys have criticized the decision, claiming it gives defendants in products liability cases an unfair advantage.

“I think it’s a blow to plaintiffs, personally,” Claudine Q. Homolash, said. “It makes it more difficult for plaintiffs to bring a case.”

Click on the link above to read the entire article.

My concern is that these corporate-friendly trends in the courts might continue . . . until the plaintiffs bar, legislators and the public become more aware and take action.


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