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Whistleblower / Qui Tam

Whistleblower/ Qui Tam

CQH Firm represents pharmaceutical employees, sales representatives, physicians, and other whistleblowers with knowledge of pharmaceutical or healthcare fraud. This is a primary focus of our practice. Ms. Homolash has represented whistleblowers in jurisdictions across the country and has helped clients recover millions of dollars for the federal government and state governments, with clients netting multi-million dollar rewards.

The False Claims Act provides a strong financial incentive to individuals aware of pharmaceutical fraud to come forward with their information. CQH Firm has the skills and expertise to investigate, prepare and prosecute your claim. Ms. Homolash has spent years focusing her practice in the pharmaceutical area and, because of this, is much better suited than other lawyers to represent whistleblowers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare arenas.

There have been a growing number of pharmaceutical fraud whistleblower claims in recent years, resulting in the ongoing investigations of several hundred cases involving over 500 drugs by the Department of Justice. Since 1986, False Claims Act judgments and settlements have totaled over $20 billion, $3 billion of which has been recovered since January 2009 alone.

Types of Pharmaceutical Fraud

A vast amount of pharmaceutical and fraud cases involve off-label marketing and pharmaceutical kickbacks. Off-label marketing refers to the practice of marketing a drug as being usable for purposes not approved by the FDA. These uses are not reimbursable through government programs such as Medicare or Medicaid. When the government subsidizes drugs due to their promotion for off-label uses, the pharmaceutical companies have committed fraud and can be held liable for these subsidies.

Pharmaceutical kickbacks are prohibited by federal law due to the risk that these kickbacks may force a physician to prescribe a drug that will cushion his bank account instead of a different drug which may be more effective for the patient.

Our qui tam lawyers also handle a variety of other pharmaceutical fraud cases, including:

• Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Violations
• Pharmaceutical Kickbacks
• Off-Label Marketing
• Best Price Fraud
• DESI Drugs
• Medicaid Price Reporting
• Manufactured Compound Drugs
• Off-Label Audits
• Medical Device and Medical Implant Fraud
• CME Fraud

Healthcare Fraud

Health care fraud is on the rise. Much health care fraud involves nursing home systems, home health care, hospitals and hospital systems, hospice companies, ambulance company fraud and durable medical equipment fraud.

Fraud in the Medical Device Industry

Fraud in the medical device industry is rampant. Medical device companies have been found guilty of defrauding the government through use of illegal kickbacks, physician self-dealing, off-label promotion and other nefarious conduct.

If you have knowledge of a fraud or false claim against the government, please contact a whistleblower lawyer today. The CQH Firm will consult with you about your case, free of obligation. All communications are confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege. The CQH Firm will also consult with attorneys who require assistance on a case in the Philadelphia, New Jersey or New York areas, or elsewhere.

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